"Working with Marianne has transformed the way we talk about students in our school. "

Chris Sousa

Over the past 9 years of working with our reading consultant, Marianne Nice, our school has come from celebrating the few students who closed the gap to fretting over the few students who don't.

Joe Metz
Kindergarten Classroom Teacher

".... Thanks to her expertise, our teachers are not only good at diagnosing reading issues, but they also work together to provide appropriate interventions tailored to each student’s needs.  We have successfully reduced the number of children identified for special education in our school and increased our reading scores across all grades.  Marianne is a team-builder and trainer loved by our students and staff."

Jude Chauvette
Curriculum Director/High School Liaison
Nottingham School District

 We are committed to partnering with schools to establish successful, sustainable MTSS models.  We will help your school evaluate, plan and implement...

  • Reliable & valid screening processes for reading & math.

  • Diagnostic procedures that enable your staff to identify the root cause of the problem (key to successful interventions).

  • Scientifically proven interventions to ensure instruction is effectively targeting the root cause of the academic problem. 

  • School-wide scheduling that allows for maximum use of resources.

  • Capacity-building models utilizing innovative approaches to professional development   

  • Leadership training on how to achieve sustainable school-wide change.

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Accomplish sustainable change & improved  academic outcomes through our school-wide approach to MTSS (Multi-Tierred Systems of Support).

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