Services for School-Age Students:

We provide the following types of services to individual students between the ages of 5 -18: 


"Marianne has been a positive influence in my daughter's life.  She created a plan of instruction and assessments that were crucial for my daughter's needs toward becoming an independent learner, despite her language based disability. The strategies and practices that Marianne has put forth have enabled my daughter to be more confident in the classroom and overcome obstacles that would impede her progress to accessing the curriculum."

Christine (Parent) Newton, NH

  • Independent, Educational Evaluations to provide diagnostic information regarding literacy skills,  including dyslexia.

  • Student specific consultation to school teams on reading & math intervention approaches, progress monitoring and evaluation processes.

  • Student specific coaching to special education teachers, reading specialists and classroom teachers to maximize instructional effectiveness and close achievement gaps in reading.  

  • Dyslexia simulation training; a hands-on experience designed to bring awareness to those who work with dyslexic students.  

  • Student intervention services:  We are trained in numerous scientifically based intervention programs including:  S.P.I.R.E., Lively Letters, Sight Words You Can See, LiPS, Visualizing/Verbalizing, Seeing Stars,  RAVE-O, all Project Reading Interventions (including Framing Your Thoughts) and all Keys to Literacy Programs.